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The Learning Curve Institute (TLCI), with its mission to contextualize both the classical and modern knowledge to the people of the day, has been in effect for almost three decades. This website is its newest fact to document and showcase its activities, invite people to join the mission, and communicate the mission with the world.

Dr. Muhammad Babur

Human Development Scientist

I consider myself an interesting person yet I am comfortable with ‘not-so-interesting-people’. I am truly grateful that throughout my life I have enjoyed attending the best schools, serving diverse sectors/audiences and building communities of practitioners (such as Knowledge Cafe) and communities of scholars (e.g., ELLTA).

I am grateful that I can: read a situation from multiple perspectives - including disruptive ones; genuinely listen to others for hours; design/propose innovative solutions; and, implement ideas creatively. I think my interests in ‘design thinking’, ability to see ‘bigger picture’ and deeper understanding of the role of culture have enabled me for the above.

I have contributes to both national and international organizations which include, but not limited to: public sector; corporate sector: (inter)national development partners such as ECORYS, DFID, USAID, CIDA, UNICEF, WORLD BANK, UNESCO, IIEP, RTI, ASI, EU, GPE, I-SAPs, etc.; and, as well as academia such as UMT, AKU, IoBM, FAST-NU.

I am a people's person who has been to over 17 countries such as Austria, Australia, Thailand, Belgium, China, Denmark, Dubai, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Sweden and the United Kingdom to meet them.

Let's plan to meet!


The Learning Curve Institute (TLCI) has been in effect for almost three decades. But this blog is coming into existence now.